Thanks for checking out my games. I hope you find something worth playing.

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AARG is my universal system. It's built on a single 3d6 mechanic, features 800 skills and spells to customize your character with a point-buy system, and is available for free.

More about AARG here


GENERALA was developed as a lark and plays the same way. It's ridiculous, over-the-top, dice-rolling adventure action wrapped around a classic dungeon crawling format.

Download GENERALA here


Dynamo is a simple, narrative-heavy superhero system that started as my 2013 NaGaDeMon project. It's meant to be played as a light-hearted take on golden age superheroes. The game plays with little preparation on the part of the GM.

Download the Dynamo PDF


These are pocketmod versions of the current Dynamo rules that I whipped up for GenCon.

Rules Book

Players Book

GM Guide


LuShu is my mashup of Chad Wattler's L.U.C.I.D. bash of the DREAD system, and Daniel Bayne's WuShu Open. It's like roleplaying the movie Inception. The entire game is improvised and can be played with no preparation.

More on LuShu here